My Puppies In Their New Homes

     It is very important to me that the new owners of my puppies keep me posted on how their puppy is doing throughout it's life. I've been fortunate to make some great friends this way. Staying in contact with my puppies is sentimental for me, but most importantly it helps me with the future of my breeding program. Updates and pictures help me to see if things are going as I planned, or if changes are needed as I strive for perfection. I try to breed as close to the Official Bulldog Standard as possible, so contact and pictures help me to stay on track. I get so disappointed when contact is lost with a puppy and I know nothing of it after it leaves.

     I've been getting some really nice pictures and I've decided to share them here on my web site. Special Thanks, to all who have sent pictures and stayed in contact. I dedicate this page to my puppies and to their great owners.

-Lane Stroud-







bulldog puppy

bull-lane bulldogs


english bulldog english bulldog

english bulldog

english bulldog

english bulldog

This is Julian, now owned by Kevin & Karie Cherry. He likes to go with Keri to her studio to work. Sometime he gets his picture made. I'm thinking that Mr. Photogenic just may be a little spoiled. Thanks Kevin & Keri for staying in contact and for providing such a great home for Julian. The pictures are great!!

Thanks Karie for this great picture of Julian on his 5th Birthday.

You both look beautiful!!!!


This is Lex now owned by Kevin and Karie Cherry. Lex is sired by Julian who is also owned by the Cherry's. I was excited that they wanted Lex because they have proved to be such good Bulldog owners with Julian. They are also great about sending these great pictures. Thanks Kevin and Karie!!!!!


english bulldog


Julian & Lex



Julian & Lexington Summer 2008
 Thanks for the picture Karie!!!


Thank you Chistopher Millen for this great picture of Gus.



Thank you Eli and Heather Kramer for this picture of Jake.


This is Rumpus, now owned by Jack & Mary Gayle Stowe. He is pictured here with his one of his playmates, Izzy, who is Jack & Mary Gayle's granddaughter. Thanks, Jack & Mary Gayle, for being the perfect family for Rumpus. Your communication with me is much appreciated. The picture is awesome!

Thanks Jack and Mary Gayle for the updated picture of Rumpus. He is looking great!!!


     This is Piggy now owned by Tracey Leonard. I'd say Piggy looks real comfortable in her new home. Thanks Tracey for keeping me posted and sending pictures. Looks like you are doing a great job with Piggy!!!!!

     This is Moses, now owned by Anthony Cotsifas & Patricia Heal of New York City. Anthony & Patricia are Professional Photographers who own their own Studio, Heal-Cotsifas Foto Inc. Patricia flew in to pick up Moses, so we were able to meet in person. I knew the moment we met that Moses would be getting a super home. He is very pampered and spoiled, with more luxuries than most humans will ever experience in a life time. From the pictures of Moses you can see that Anthony & Patricia do great work even when they are fooling around snapping photos of their new boy at home. Patricia recently notified me of very exciting news; their home was featured in the June 2004 issue of Dwell Magazine. It seems Mr. Moses ended up smiling for the camera, and he also enjoyed recognition with a nice snap shot in Dwell. Thank you, Anthony & Patricia, for sending these great artistic photographs and for keeping me updated as Moses grows. I'm so thankful that Moses has found such a wonderful home with you. Moses is one darn good-looking, lucky, little fellow.


     This is Stella, owned by Marsha Rountree of Texas. She has turned out to be a nice-looking girl. We can see where she spends most of her time. You haven't a worry in the world, do you Stella? It was a great surprise that while looking for a home for Stella a new, great friendship was found with Marsha. Funny how things happen. Thank you, Marsha, for sharing this picture of Stella.


     This is Kofax owned by Christin Hicks. He looks well adjusted in his new home. Thanks Christin for the pictures and updates and for making such a great home for one of my pups...Lane


This is Marilyn at 6 months old.

She is owned by Diane Schirck of Rochester, New York.


I can't thank you enough for sending this picture of Marilyn to me. I just love it because it captures Marilyn's quality so well. This picture is worth more than 1000 words. You have done such a great job with Marilyn and I'm so pleased that I was able to find such a great home for her with you and your family. She is such a beauty!!! Thanks,Lane

Special Thanks!! to Dave & Diane Stamborski for these great pictures of Clairese & Spanky

Thanks Eve and Cal for the Christmas picture of Ozzy.

Thanks Debra for the nice picture of Jake.

Thanks Shannon for this picture of Gracie.

Thanks Debra for this picture of Jake!!!